Samsung’s Secret Project On Artificial Humans Is Nothing But Start Of Human Avatars

Samsung's Secret Project On Artificial Humans Is Nothing But Start Of Human Avatars

Samsung is secretly building artificial humans who are more like human avatars, and people are now getting excited about it. Recently it’s been found that Samsung is working on its secret project called “Neon” which is about artificial humans in which the company is creating human avatars. These human avatars accordingly might be used in the entertainment and business industry in the form of receptionist, assistance, etc. which sounds extra special. However, more information on this project got when the leader of this project revealed some information relating to it.

Paravan Mistry who is the head of this Neon project uploaded an image of human avatar which seemed quite real. He further mentioned that the company’s “Core R3 technology” is getting used in building these human avatars. This new technology can be used to create autonomously new movements, expressions and even dialogue also, which shows the potential of Core R3 technology. There were some unlisted videos which were on the Neo’s official page which also showed similar images.

The videos are now removed from the site, but one can find them on reddit and Youtube, which shows a clear picture of how artificial humans might look like in the future. In one of the subreddit post, these digital avatars of humans were compared with famous HBO sci-fi show Westworld in which such persons are used in a violent entertainment park. After looking at these unlisted videos, one can say that these human avatars are surreal and not computer created. However, there are how many serious questions being raised on these human avatars. The first and primary one is at how many levels these avatars are created? and at what extent they share the same emotion and other things with humans?. Mistry, in a recent interview, said that digital humans would be the most demanding technology in upcoming years and it seems like he is right.