Musk Said Tesla Has Received More Than 200000 Orders for Cybertruck

musk said tesla has received more than 200000 orders for cybertruck

Cybertruck, which has recently launched by Tesla Inc., is making a buzz in the business industry because of its unique features. Elon Musk said that the electric truck has reportedly received more than 200000 orders since it’s the launch date, which is an excellent achievement for the Tesla Inc. and Musk himself. Musk is tweeting about Cyber Truck since it’s been launched on Thursday. In his earlier tweet, Musk said that they had received 146000 orders for Cybertruck, and on Sunday, the order number crossed 200000. The increasing popularity of Cybertruck is the main reason behind such a significant amount of orders for an electric truck vehicle. Even though the launch event did not go as planned for Tesla since the “unbreakable” glasses got broken with a small metal ball. Still, people have overlooked it and seem to be interested in buying a Cybertruck. The starting price for Cybertruck is $39900, and for reserving an order, customers need to pay $100.

Cybertruck is one of the most ambitious projects for the whole team of Tesla Inc. since the buzz about launching an electric truck started many months ago. The launch event might be the only thing that Musk wants to delete, but even after such a funny accident, people are interested in buying futuristic Cyber Truck. Even if the number of orders which Elon Musk has stated is suitable for the company, still it has suffered considerable day trading losses because of the “unbreaking” event. After the launch date, Tesla’s shares price went down by 6.1%, which made automobile investors worried for a while. Musk is trying to focus more on Cyber Truck features such as power, durability; still, some people did not like the way electric trucks had been designed. Tesla is planning to start manufacturing of Cybertruck by the end of 2021.