Startups backed by Bill Gates use AI to create enough sun rays to melt steel

startups backed by bill gates use ai to create enough sun rays to melt steel

Just like a child using a magnifying glass to burn a hole in a toy, a solar stove can do the same thing on a larger scale. The larger the array of mirrors you can create, the larger the resulting solar focus lens. However, a new startup is working on a better way to use Artificial Intelligence to make solar furnaces to reduce its footprint while increasing its power output.

In recent years, the price of solar energy has fallen sharply. It is estimated that power plant construction costs such as Nevada’s “Eagle Mountain Solar Farm” will officially start generating electricity at some point in 2021, actually operating only existing coal or natural gas power plants. The enormous use of the sun to make the best use of the sun’s energy is clearly an alternative to fossil fuel power generation, but in order to generate the temperature required to produce molten salt, solar power plants like this use this energy to generate steam to turn the generator, which takes about 600°. The temperature of C, which requires a large number of reflectors (or heliostats), and requires a lot of lands to install them. Some facilities may be cheaper to build and operate than power plants that use fossil fuels. But they are still a considerable investment.

A new startup called Heliogen wants to change that. Functionally, it collects solar energy in a similar way to existing solar power plants but consists of a team of scientists and engineers recruited by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Caltech, and other research institutions. At the moment, its infrastructure is a bit fuzzy (probably because this is the secret of startups), but “advanced” “computer vision software” will be used to “align a large number of mirrors with high precision and reflect sunlight.” Go to a goal.” According to the official release of BusinessWire.