Darwin’s theory of the origin of life may be wrong

Darwin's theory of the origin of life may be wrong

According to historical records, Charles Darwin was never quite sure about the origin of life. He imagined life could have suddenly formed in a ‘pool of water’ with a proper chemical mix-up. Instead of a better explanation, we’ve just gone with that for the last two centuries. University College London’s team of researchers has a different theory. They’ve recreated the primeval conditions under which the start of life might have taken place, & they believe it must have occurred in the deep-sea hydrothermal vents. The research was published in Nature Ecology & Evolution it suggested that the deep-sea environment has the heat & alkalinity to start a new life. The professor of University College London Nick Lane said that numerous theories compete as to how & where life began, she is the lead author of the study. Further, she added that the underwater hydrothermal vents are among the most favorable locations for the beginning of life & her findings now add weight to the theory with substantial experimental evidence.

Lane & her fellow researchers were able to create a new environment that is similar to the deep-sea vents, using a mix of various fatty acids and fatty alcohol’s protocells that earlier failed experiments didn’t use. The researchers found out that the molecules which have a long carbon chain needed some heat to form the protocells, along with the solution of alkaline helping keep the electric charge. The saltwater environment was also helpful, as the fat molecules formed a stable and robust vesicle structure. A study published in 2012 said that at the time, proved Darwin right about where life created on the planet earth. Charles Darwin, in 1871, wrote a letter to a botanist Joseph Hooker that life may have originated in a warm little pond. It’s said that all the conditions for the creation of a living organism are now present.

Other past experiments on in hydrothermal vent environments to create protocells had failed. Co-author of the study Sean Jordan said that in her experiments, they had created one of the essential components of life under conditions that are more reflective than many other laboratory studies, she further added that she still doesn’t know entity first formed, but our research shows that one cannot deny presence of deep-sea hydrothermal vents.