Having Healthy Diet Will Lead to a Healthy Planet, Study Finds

Having Healthy Diet Will Lead to a Healthy Planet, Study Finds

You might beware of the fact that proper nutrition is a crucial aspect of living a healthy life. A balanced healthy diet, along with physical exercise, contributes to promoting overall health. But a new study reveals a healthy diet for us is also suitable for mother Earth. According to a new study from Oxford University and the University of Minnesota, largescale acceptance of healthier diets would notably lessen the environmental impact of farming and food production. It is the first time; scientists have linked the health effects of foods to their entire impact on the environment. The research, published in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) on Monday, judges that foods with positive health effects have among the lowest environmental impacts. Whereas, other foods like meat can pose a risk to both a healthy body and our planet.

The scientists said poor diets pose a risk to the community by severely affecting people and the Earth. Besides, the latest study has recommended some better alternatives. The research has studied the health and environmental impacts of 15 foods regular in western diets. They have found that fruits, beans, vegetables, and whole grains had remained best for both preventing diseases and securing the environment. One the other hand, excessive consumption of red and processed meat leads to the poorest health and pollution.

Still, some foods have resisted the trend. Usually, eating fish is good for health, but it has a massive environmental footprint typically than plant-based foods. Products having high sugar levels like carbonated drinks, have a minimal impact on the planet but are harmful to health. Apart from this, the impact of poor diets on health in wealthy nations is famous, as is the need to cut the intake of western meat to carb the climate disruption and environmental emergencies. But it is the first trial which has reviewed both aspects together. So it is better to say that eat plant-based food, stay healthy, and also keep the planet healthy.

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