Google Camera to Automatically Focus on Frequent Faces

google camera to automatically focus on frequent faces

Google’s Camera app on Pixel devices comes with tons of features that most of the third-party camera apps won’t have. With the excellent picture quality of the devices and modified versions being used on compatible devices, Google Camera or Gcam app is one of the best camera apps. Google is continually working to improve camera performance and also the app. In a recent report, it comes to light that Google is working on the Local Face Data, which will allow Google Camera to automatically focus on the people that often present in your photos.

Google has already developed the Frequent Faces feature for the WearOS camera app. Now, Google is bringing the same feature for a smartphone camera, which will make a big difference. Android Developer and Modder at XDA-Developers forum found the references to Frequent Faces feature in Google Camera APK. According to the modder, the feature uses the locally stored face data for faster face recognition. The people who you often take photograph will automatically be in focus. Only the camera app can access the Locally saved Face Data, and once you turn off the feature, the data will be deleted automatically.

Face data stored locally is a nightmare for the privacy of the users. But fortunately, Google is taking appropriate care of the same. With the tight encryption and access only to the camera app, the face data seems a bit secure at this point. Also, the face data won’t be uploaded on any of the Google servers, so there is a very less chance of data theft. Currently, the feature is still in development, and Google has not spoken a word about the same. The feature may or may not make it to the final public release of the next Google camera update.